Please 'read' FAQS re: Trade Orders if you are a stockist.

Q. Do you hand make any of your products?

A. Yes. The soft illustrational character toys, all sewn here by hand and on a 1960s workhorse industrial Singer sewing machine. The bespoke ceramic vase's and the Rock a Hoola figures are made by hand & are fired in the trusty kiln.
If you are a retailer wanting handmade they are made with a personal touch here in the studio...and the quality control inspection is done with a fine toothed comb!

Q. Are all of your manufactured products made in the U.K?

A.Nearly all of the products are made in the U.K. Marmalademudpie & Me tries to support British manufacturing as much possible  and are firm believers in this. We have a small and clever network of friendly, helpful & reliable British suppliers. A good working relationship, reputation, communication, reliability & quality are very important when choosing a supplier for this business.

The 'very few' items that are not made in Britain are: The Birchwood Trays which are made for Marmalademudpie & Me in Sweden.  The reason this company was selected was because of their wonderful reputation and product quality. They use the best raw materials with the highest environmental credentials. They continue to innovate whilst retaining hand crafted techniques. The trays are individually hand made from the finest birch wood. Specifically sourced for its fine grain and rare width - the trays have no joins and are made from single sheets of birch so providing a high quality finish and longevity of use.

The felt products are made overseas by a wonderful company in South Asia. The company are very reliable and friendly. They are always happy to accomodate the new designs. They are Eco Friendly and have good working conditions/wage for their employees. They love to work on the new designs and when they arrive the craftsmanship & quality is breathtaking. It is a pleasure and Marmalademudpie & Me are very proud to have them be part of the creative team.

Q. Are your materials tested?

A. Yes.

The fabrics are all tested for colour fastness & saftey. They all wash on a 40 degree wash cycle, unless stated otherwise you will be informed of other wash information. The felt products are all enviromently friendly natural dye pigments and are made from wool. The felt can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Q. For 'Trade Orders' how do you take orders?

A. Trade Orders are Proforma payment on order' please. See my 'trade info provided' if you are to be an approved stockist for Marmalademudpie & Me's lovely & unique products.

Q. How long do trade orders take after payment?

A. Your items ordered will have different lengths of time to come, depending on which items they are. Some products are 'made to order.'You will be informed on receipt of your order before it is processed.

Depending on your order the shipping costs vary. Please discuss when you enquire about your trade products/order.

Q.Can Marmalademudpie & Me Freelance Design &/or make items for my company?

A. Yes of course. Please feel free to make contact. Collaboration & Creative Briefs are very welcome. 

All designs are the Interllectual Property of Marmalademudpie & Me and cannot be reproduced without the written permission of Marmalademudpie & Me whom has sole ownership of all produced works & products.

Marmalademudpie & Me

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