Marmalademudpie & Me is a 'creative studio'

Here we create  fun & playful designs for children & kidults. Ranging from surface design onto prints, stationary, serving trays, ceramic and melamine tableware and textile homewares & toys and many other items. I am also a Freelance surface designer & illustrator.Im also a 3D character designer/model maker for Hallmark UK.


What inspires Marmalademudpie & Me?

Surface design, retro pattern, vintage childrens story book illustration and lovable funny characters. Form, function, Swedish and Scandanavian design. The 50s & the 60s, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Elvis, beehives, skipping, chocolate, splashing in puddles, nostalgia and collectables...not forgetting the elements of colour!

Please feel free to contact us for licenced patterns or for me to do a surface design for your products.

All designs are the Interllectual Property of Marmalademudpie & Me and cannot be reproduced without the written permission of Marmalademudpie & Me whom has sole ownership of all produced works & products.